With over 9,000 m2 in logistical storage space, as well as 4,500 individual shelve spots, Transportes Ibarra S.L. is prepared to offer a wide range of logistics services, ranging from warehousing raw materials, packaging, and finished products.

We specialize in:

  • Floor storage

  • Shelf storage

  • Storage using an overhead crane of up to 10 tons

Our FIFO and traceability systems and new technologies offer real-time information on the status of shipments, unloading, warehouse stock movements, and inventory.


Transportes Ibarra S.L. is based in Soraluze (Guipuzcoa). Its installations include 350 m2 floor space with four docks which are strategically located at the intersection of two key communication channels: A8 Irun – Bilbao and A1 Eibar – Vitoria.

Servicios Logísticos Ibarra Logistika
Servicios Logísticos Ibarra Logistika


This branch has built installations of over 4,500 m2.  It features 10 docks with storage space including 4,500 shelf spots for pallets. Its strategic location at the Jundiz Industrial Park is ideal for all distribution/logistics activities.


Its installations at the Goiain Industrial Park are at the intersection of the A-15 with N-240. Transportes Ibarra S.L. offers two pavilions of 1,500 m2 each, which are all connected. Each is equipped with a 6,3-ton crane. This facility specialized in the storage and manipulation of merchandise on the ground.