The Company

Transportes Ibarra SL is a family-owned company started by Francisco Ibarra Arrinda in Eibar in 1948. In the beginning, the Company was devoted to supplying manufacturing plants located in Eibar and its environs. Over time, the business grew to include routes from Eibar to Vitoria, Miranda de Ebro, Haro, and Logroño.

Transportes Ibarra SL has consolidated into a global transportation company, and includes transportation services as part of its offers as Logistics Operator specialized in supplying parts and raw materials to the industrial sector.


Every client is unique


More than 70 years of experience


Over 8,000m2 of own space

Mission, vision, and values
  • Offer our clients added value and a competitive edge which helps them improve process quality, while differentiating their products and services
  • This includes finding solutions adapted to each client’s situation and needs
  • Continue as a renowned and respected transportation and supply company based on its team’s professionalism and expertise, by offering tailor-made solutions generating value for our clients